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3 Best Practices on How to be Successful in a Remote Workspace

One of the best things about having a remote workplace is the flexibility to work anywhere–with a strong WiFi connection, of course. However for some, being left to their own devices can be more challenging than expected. So, how can you discipline 8 hours of your day into being the most successful version of yourself whether you are sitting in an office office, at a local coffee shop, or in a home office?

  1. Take Clear Mental Breaks

It is so easy to let the guilt of doing your work in the same place that you lay your head at night prevent you from taking much needed mental breaks. You deserve to let your brain rest no matter where you perform your work. To be productive, it’s important to step away and clear your mind. Going outside for a walk and to breathe in some fresh air is going to allow you to reset significantly more than scrolling through social media.

  1. Interact with Others

It’s not enough to surround yourself with people at a local coffee shop where you are surrounded by other people, or cuddle up to your overly-clingy pet while you work–intentional interactions with other humans is vital to maintaining a healthy state of mind and your overall quality of work life. Have a friend meet you at the coffee shop to enjoy lunch on your break, or invite another remote worker to work alongside you for the day. Be intentional and be creative. You might find that remote work provides you more opportunities to socialize than before!

  1. Be Candid with Your Employers

It’s a popular misconception that you can’t have a professional and candid relationship with your employers. I believe quite the opposite. Your professional career will be much more successful the more candidly you speak with your employer(s). If you are struggling with expectations since working from home, or feel as though you are not sure how to prioritize your work, just ask. Because you are not seen like you once were in the office environment, it’s safer to over-communicate. Don’t worry yourself into a mental state where you can no longer enjoy your job, just because you don’t know how to approach your leadership team. Ask questions and appreciate the candor in return. A successful career is built on trust.

Implement these three simple steps into your remote position and gain the confidence to position yourself for success, whether it’s from your couch, the pool, (or anywhere you can access a strong WiFi connection!).

Victoria Garlough

Client Success Representative, Eden Resources LLC


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