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Where's Your Eden?

Going back to the beginning–way, way back to the beginning–work was intended to bring us pleasure and our work brings God pleasure. The word “Eden” means place of pleasure; God designed the Garden of Eden as an environment for Adam & Eve’s living and working space that would bring both pleasure to them and to God.

Data shows, and after speaking with thousands of candidates I can confirm, that a poor work environment is one of the most common reasons people leave their jobs. So we’ve created a remote work environment that empowers our employees to create their own Eden–their own place of pleasure. Loving what you do is important, but loving what you do in a functional, enjoyable, and peaceful work environment is just as gratifying.

Eden Resources was birthed from a vision that I’ve had long before I even considered being a business owner. I wanted a career that allowed me the flexibility to be a present mother and the primary caregiver to my future children, and one of servanthood to other people. Fast forward 15 years, and through Eden Resources’s core value of People First, we are rethinking what working remotely can mean and how creating a pleasurable work environment plays an essential part.

The disclaimer is, working remotely is not for everyone. It requires strong discipline and self initiative. It requires an earnestly positive attitude and the ability to plug in and unplug on your own. But it also means you have control over your integrated life & work environment to be whatever is pleasing to you. I tell our staff, “As long as you’re connected to Wifi and get your work done, work wherever you’d like!” (With a quiet space for phone calls, of course!)

My Eden, for the most part, is home. I love settling into my dimly lit, tiny office space and grinding away, but still have the opportunity to take a break for lunch with my kids, or put the baby down for her nap. I feel recharged working from a local coffee shop when I feel like a change of scenery would increase my productivity that day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How would you create your work life so that it’s pleasurable and functional? Where’s Your Eden?

Niki Kukla

Managing Partner


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