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Hello Friends,

Eden Resources's mission is helping to grow businesses and organizations through their people and brand. We work with organizations to help alleviate the pressures of hiring high-quality, dedicated, and caring staff.

Since 2017, we have grown from partnering with local businesses in Ohio and Pennsylvania to supporting businesses of all sizes throughout the country with our cost-effective HR, Recruiting, and Marketing solutions.

Walter, Niki, and the Eden Team are passionate about people. Our primary focus--making every one of your
candidates feel valued--is reflected in our People-First process.

Through intentional and proactive talent branding and advertising, focused community outreach, consistent hiring programs, and open communication with our partners, we’ve become an invaluable asset to businesses across a multitude of industries in all stages and locations, including grand openings, low staff situations, and difficult employee retention regions.

We would love to set up a time to meet with you. 

All the Best,

Walter & Niki Kukla

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