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our leadership team

Walter Kukla

Walter is the President of Eden Resources and is most passionate about developing and investing in people. With a strong background in business development and sales operations, he helps to support all functions of the organization. In his free time he's likely found fishing, golfing, or spending time with his kids.

Niki Kukla
Managing Partner

After working in a high-turnover environment as a teenager, and later receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, Niki identified an opportunity to help businesses attract high-caliber talent in difficult hiring environments by connecting her past work experiences and her marketing background. In addition to being a Managing Partner, Niki enjoys providing quality one-on-one training to all of the employees as the Training Director of Eden Resources.

Michael Chiovitti.jpg
Michael Chiovitti
Chief Talent Strategist

Michael is an HR Professional that has experience in a variety of industries and roles. Michael has an exceptionally strong desire to help professionals develop and succeed in business. He is also one of the major contributors to The People First Stream. 

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