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Seasonal Hiring

Do what you do best. Let Eden Resources do the rest.

Streamlined Hiring

Hiring several seasonal employees in a short amount of time while maintaining HR compliance is overwhelming. That's why our non-contracted, outsourced HR, Recruiting, and Marketing services are small and medium-sized businesses with seasonal hiring needs.

Our team of professionals streamlines your HR process so it's affordable, efficient, and consistent, even for this short season.


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Manage Your

Pre-Employment Process


Your Business

HR & Marketing


We operate the full recruiting cycle including writing Optimized Job Ads, Sourcing, Screening, 

Scheduling, Interviewing, & Onboarding. 

Our team of professionals adheres to a standardized process ensuring legal compliance and safeguarding against unlawful Human Resources practices.

Access our team for the smallest marketing question, to the largest efficiency audit or project. Our team is ready to support you no matter the season, saving you the cost and hassle of retaining a part-time or full-time employee.

All that's left for you is the final hiring decisions.
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