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What is Arcadia Professional Talent?

Arcadia Talent is a premium service extension of Eden Resources that was established to expedite the sourcing of candidates for hard-to-fill or niche vacancies.  This premium service utilizes both traditional recruiting methods and Eden Resources' high degree of expertise to recruit candidates that will stay with your organization for the long-term.  

Why Arcadia?

Arcadia is the cost-effective option for employers that need to take a more aggressive approach to talent acquisition with more traditional recruiter support.  If you are experiencing difficulty finding qualified applicants with specific skill sets, then Arcadia might be the option for you! The candidates sourced by Arcadia will be completely processed (resume reviewed, phone screened, interviewed, with optional social network and criminal background checks completed), accelerating them to the final interview with you!

What's the cost?

We aim to alleviate the stress associated with front-end HR, Recruiting, and beyond. True to Eden Resources's mission of providing full, cost-effective outsourcing solutions, our placement fees are unmatched by the industry. Discounts are available for multiple placements.

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