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The People-First Process aims to alleviate the recruiting stresses of organizational leaders to allow them to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs- developing their current employee teams and accomplishing their customer's needs.

Application Review

We evaluate the resumes of potential candidates to determine if their work experience and skill sets are aligned with the positions that our client has available. We assess the application based on specialized metrics that we have come to develop over years of recruiting experience, as well as the company values communicated to us by the client.

Recruitment Events

We pride ourselves on having assembled a team of highly motivated Human Resources Professionals that are passionate about promoting our client's hiring brand.  Members of our staff are innately qualified to represent any client's organization at recruitment events.  Our team will meet with potential candidates in a professional manner and exude nothing short of positivity and excitement.  Additionally, we will strive to form lasting relationships with the coordinating organization.

Community Events

It is often the case that a client needs a more grounded, community-based hiring solution.  By utilizing the relationships we excel in establishing within our client's local area, we are able to build and promote personalized recruiting events.  Not only does this give us the opportunity to interface with the most qualified applicants, but these events also create opportunities for peripheral marketing of a client's product/service to potential customers

Preliminary Interviews

Our team is well versed in the most modernly accepted interviewing techniques and subsequent analysis.  Be it a phone call or an in-person exchange, members of our staff will be able to quickly establish a rapport with the candidate, and be able to gauge their best fit within the client's organization.  Furthermore, we use efficient questioning methods to determine if the potential candidate will uphold the values that are most important to the client.

Job Board Maintenance

We will establish, update, and consistently evaluate the online postings that represent the client's employment opportunities. Our methods are proven to help increase the number of potential jobseekers that will engage with the postings and we will consistently offer recommendations on how to better develop these candidate pipelines. Due to the sheer scale by which we operate, we are innately more successful in developing these pipelines than alternative operations.

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