our story

Founded in 2017 by Walter and Niki Kukla, Eden Resources stems from the mindset of relieving hiring pressures associated with small businesses with an outsourced team of experts. What began as a way of providing an affordable staffing solution to restaurant owners has developed into a full-scale human resources and marketing company providing consultative support in a variety of ways.


After working for franchised restaurant Owner/Operators since she was fifteen, Niki realized that there was an immense opportunity for a Human Resources expert to partner with franchisees and other business owners to focus on recruiting great talent, implementing values into human resources processes, and building talent brand awareness.


Walter and Niki both have a passion for people, and believe that every recruiting process should reflect that. From the moment an applicant applies they should feel valued and not just another number, and Eden's processes are designed specifically to reflect that vision.


Eden Resources aims to alleviate the HR stresses of organizational leaders to allow them to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs- developing their current employee teams and accomplishing their customer's needs.


Eden Resources has the expertise, knowledge, and staff to source the right candidates and facilitate their growth as a professional. Our size, support structure, and flexibility allow us to provide top-tier services for a fee that is incredibly cost-effective in comparison to traditional recruiters, staffing firms, and human resources consultants.