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Summer’s Here: What does that mean for recruiting?

Even though our lives may slow down a bit during summer--or pick back up, depending on your personality and lifestyle!--our recruitment efforts shouldn’t. It’s tempting to scale back the hiring pace when your current part-time employees may have increased their hours, or your summer employees and interns have started. But don’t fall into the seasonal trap that tends to leave employers desperate every August, when your employees scale back to their part-time, school-year hours.

So how do you effectively spend your time and funds wisely during the off-season?

Build your Bank

Now’s the time when we take a look at our community contacts to prepare for a blast of community outreach at the end of summer for fall. We do our research to see where we look for new recruiting opportunities, and ensure that we have updated contact information for our current contacts at local organizations.

In regards to building a bank of candidates, if you don’t have strong hiring needs right now, you may want to consider backing off on the number of days you’re conducting interviews, and leaving time to in-person interview only A+ candidates; you know you’ll be glad you didn’t pass up on those candidates later!


Talent Branding is important in busy seasons, slow seasons, all seasons! We like to think of it as “general maintenance” for your recruiting. The key to Talent Branding is to keep educating potential candidates on why they should apply, and why your brand is unique. Applicants that understand your “why” are going to be the most loyal and passionate about what they’re doing once they’re working within your organization.

Re-evaluate your processes

Now is the time to prepare for the fall. Ask yourself these questions as a starting point:

  • Can my application process be simplified?

  • How can I improve my training program?

  • What can I do to add value for my current employees to improve retention?

  • How can I bolster my internship programs?

Consider creating a SWOT analysis to evaluate the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats you have as an employer, or consider surveying your team anonymously for authentic feedback. Maybe hiring a consultant to evaluate your work environment.

Eden Resources can offer support in any of these areas. We take the lead in initiating building your bank of community contacts, create custom Talent Branding packages, and have HR, Recruiting, and Marketing specialists on our team to optimize your processes. Schedule a call today so we can put together our game plan!

Niki Kukla, Managing Partner

Eden Resources, LLC


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