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People First: Hiring the Eden Way

“People First is more than our company slogan and has at this point surpassed its original concept as the centerpiece of our company’s beliefs. Moreover, “People First,” has become the motif of modern-day hiring decisions, strategic planning, and best practices in business.”

- Walter Kukla, President of Eden Resources LLC

What role does Eden Resources, LLC serve for their clients?

Our company serves their clients by offering them comprehensive options in the sphere of Human Resources, Customer Relations, and Operations Management. Service options include support for every single process a company utilizes to succeed and grow. Some of our more popular services include:

  • Sourcing and Recruitment

  • Assisting In Onboarding and Processing New Employees

  • Selection Program Design

  • Retention Program Design

  • Employee Training

  • Technical Writing

  • Management Coaching

  • Business Processes and Efficiency Consultations

Why “People First?”

Our experiences have taught us that by far the acquisition and retention of a talented workforce is the most important factor in regards to business success and growth. Regardless of the industry, a company’s workforce holds major weight in terms of revenue generation, customer satisfaction, employer expenses, liabilities incurred, community relations, and attainment of organizational goals.

What advantages does Eden Resources LLC have over a traditional approach to Talent Management?

Eden Resources, LLC has the capabilities, expertise, and drive to support a company in meeting their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We have assembled a strong team that has brought onboard a wealth of skills and knowledge from a multitude of different industries. However, each member of our team shares the same belief that the key to an organization’s success are the people that comprise it. Historically, our team has displayed the ability to screen a vast number of number of job applicants, quickly identify the right candidate, and give that individual the best opportunity to succeed and become a true organizational asset.

What businesses would best be served by Eden Resources LLC?

There is not a single business that would not benefit from the capabilities, skills, and expertise housed within our team. We are the option for small to midsize business owners who may need an entire team of business professionals for essentially a fraction of the cost of a single employee. In addition, we are the option large business choose when outsourcing processes to a smaller, more agile, financially sound team.

It is our hope that our readers can gain some new insight from the content that we release. New material is released on a weekly basis, and is a great resource for professionals, job seekers, and employers alike. Please subscribe to our blog, and continue to grow and learn with us.

Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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