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Fresh-Squeezed Talent On Tap

Our company is certainly not a novice when it comes to recruiting, hiring brand promotion, job board optimization, and talent acquisition. Our baseline recruiters can process applications at a lightning pace for pennies on the dollar. For a negligible fee of about $2.00 per application, a candidate will receive a response to their application within about 24 hours of their submittal. Before you know it, the right person for the right position is sitting in front of you for a final interview and the 800 other applicants that were not selected have been handled with the dignity and professionalism that would set the industry standard ablaze.

Is that the whole story?

Quite The fact of the matter is that every client is different and the nuances of the hiring issues they face vary drastically as compared to those of other businesses. Every now and then we post a position on a job board for a client and we receive 800 applications from highly qualified candidates. In those situations, we quickly choose the right hiring tools and begin to process those candidates. Those that do not meet the essential job requirements are rejected first, those that exhibit professionalism and score well on the assessments are passed forward to interviews, final interviews, etc. Through sophisticated systems that meet the industry’s standards of best practices, the best of the best are chosen and the mission is achieved.

However, much more often it is the case that a job posting is met with a lukewarm reaction. Job postings are at their zenith of visibility right when they are posted. As time progresses, your posting will get bumped further and further down the list and on subsequent pages. If only a small clutch of candidates apply or a wave of sub-par candidates apply, time will not rectify the problem without intervention.

What could be done?

Situations such as poorly performing job postings are what validate the need for our services. Many job boards offer sponsorship options for their job postings, wherein a company can pay fairly expensive rates to increase the visibility of their job postings. Conventional wisdom suggests not throwing good money after bad money. Additionally, there is an effective practice as old as business itself...networking.

With whom should I be networking?

The key to answering this question is to clearly understand what your business does, and what knowledge typically sets your employees up for success. Academic Institutions and Vocational Schools are networking “must haves” and can be a potential source for great employees. Additionally, most of these contacts have a dedicated professional to facilitate networking activities. In our experience, if a vocational school or institution recognizes your desire to employ their students, they will do everything in their power to connect you with their students. We recommend taking every opportunity to attend hiring events, meet & greets, and to conduct as many speaking engagements as possible. We also advise our clients that if they reject these opportunities too often, the available opportunities in the future will diminish.

It is our hope that our readers can gain some new insight from the content that we release. New material is released on a weekly basis, and is a great resource for professionals, job seekers, and employers alike. Please subscribe to our blog, and continue to grow and learn with us.

Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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