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Follow-Up is Most Important: Why Every Applicant Needs to Know Where They Are in the Process

We’ve all been there. You’re searching for that dream job, that career with a surplus of opportunities, the position that gives you just enough balance in your life. You read the job description and everything seems to fit so perfectly you begin to imagine yourself showing up each day, the people you’re going to interact with, the responsibilities you’re going to have. So you conduct some research on the company and send your resume and cover letter in, maybe even a portfolio, and you think ‘There is no way I can’t get this job.’

A few days go by… then a few more days… and a month goes by and no word from the employer on the status of your application.

That’s a little discouraging, isn’t it? You’re not sure if they took the time to even open your application, let alone communicate back to you how they were moving forward with the candidates who applied. You may have even been waiting to make a decision on another job offer because you wanted to hear about the results of this one. A lot of missed opportunities here because the employer didn’t express to you if they’d like to pursue your talents, qualifications, and applicable experiences.

Following up may be the most important part of the interview process, ensuring not only that the candidate is notified of the employer’s decision, but it provides a reputable image of the brand because it shows they care.

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Dylan Rutledge, Operations Director

Eden Resources, LLC


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