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Developing Accountability in Young Professionals

A lack of accountability is the most frustrating problem that a seasoned manager encounters when dealing with young professionals. It is an enigmatic problem that is probably as old as human life itself, “How do I get an individual to take ownership or care enough about their work to make a meaningful effort?” This problem is especially prevalent if the employee views their position as an “in-between job,” or the stepping stone leading to the end result career they are looking for.

The first step to finding a solution is to communicate your concerns and vision to the employee. Managers need to clearly explain to each of their employees the following:

  • Areas in which the employee excelling

  • Areas in which the employee is falling short

  • What you envision the employee’s potential will blossom into

  • The avenues and tools through which the employee can activate their potential

Through my own personal experiences, I have found that linking the employee’s position to their future career is a key component. I have often told my subordinates that refusing to develop is simply not an option. Each employee starts with a minimum of two distinct pathways (through their development they can discover more). The first path is developing themselves into the professional that becomes a long term asset to Eden Resources, LLC. The second path an employee can choose is to utilize the skills and knowledge they accrue with Eden to become the professional that can tackle the particular career or position they desire. They must understand that regressing is not an option, staying the same is not an option, and the only way forward is to put staunch effort into the simple tasks they are responsible for.

The broader strokes of this concept is simply good employee management and evaluation. Consistent feedback is critical to keeping employees invested in their work and an employee can often find themselves on a wayward course without a manager that takes the time to help them find their bearings

Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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