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Be Aware: 3 Signs of Candidate Ghosting

As someone that’s in the recruiting world day in and day out, it’s becoming increasingly evident that candidate ghosting is unfortunately trending upward. It’s not just candidates for entry-level positions either. From a recruiter’s perspective, it feels like you’ve been “stood up” after connecting with someone, and I would imagine it feels the same for our clients.

Sometimes candidates disappear and there’s not a thing you can do about it, but take note of my 3 top tips or tell-tale signs that may signal a future ghost to save yourself the heartbreak.

Tip #1: I ask the candidate about their interest level in the job, and if needed, what other jobs they’ve been exploring. From their response, you can usually gauge their interest based on their hesitancy or awkward response. This is different than the candidate’s hesitancy due to unanswered questions–if they have questions before moving forward, I do my absolute best to get answers for them before getting them in front of the client. This allows me to keep my word, to stay in contact and keep them engaged, and to continuously gauge their level of interest before submitting them for consideration to my client.

Tip #2: If the candidate is slow to respond, they’re probably not interested. Let me clarify. If they’re slow to respond, especially after multiple attempts to get them scheduled for an interview, following up on an offer, asking for references, etc., or if you don’t hear back for several days, that throws up a red flag.

Tip #3: If the candidate asks to reschedule, this might signal disinterest. This isn’t a rule, but it’s definitely the trend. I totally understand when events come up, but in my experience, the candidates that are highly interested will decline other opportunities that might come up, prioritizing the interview. Side note–running late, especially if they’re leaving work, isn’t as bothersome. I would advise testing their punctuality another time to see if they’re typically late, or if it was a one-time circumstance.

No recruiter or company is immune from candidate ghosting, but becoming aware of the indicators will save you time in the long run. Following up with candidates that have disappeared may also provide you with insight of how you can improve your processes, advertising, recruiting, wages and benefits, and more.

Taking the necessary steps to keep candidates engaged and committed can be a ton of work. That’s why our clients love passing off everything from the tedious task of communicating with candidates, to big picture strategy for talent branding or talent acquisition. Our scope of services was designed to support you however you need.

If this seems overwhelming, we’re here to help. Eden Resources is an expert in ensuring positive candidate experience and would love to help you refine your hiring process. We know that these small steps can ensure quality-of-hire, setting your company and new hire on the road to success.

Managing Staff

Eden Resources, LLC


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