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3 Ways to Improve Morale on a Budget

Take a moment to role play, and put yourself in the shoes of one of your employees. Think about the tasks your employees do on a regular basis and the level of physical or mental activity required.

Would you be bored?

Are you stuck in a chair for 8 hours?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed or suffering from the redundancy?

Most small to midsize companies neglect to think about the morale of their employees, especially companies that utilize comprehensive compensation packages. Well-paid employees do not always equate to interested employees and if your employers are not interested in their work, or the people they work with, then you are in for a rude awakening.

1. Get Your Employees Moving!

This is especially important for small to midsize companies that have their employees sitting for long periods of time. You can implement this very easily and give it a competitive twist. Activities can be as simple as encouraging your employees to exercise by awarding the individual who records the most steps with a prize, or something as elaborate as a company sponsored bowling tournament (which is much cheaper than you think it would be). Ultimately you are giving your employees a break from their routine and encouraging them to utilize that time to relieve job related stress.

2. Employee Game Night!

This one is my all-time favorite and usually a total hit with employees! Simply choose a board game (card games can work as well) that requires either strategy or teamwork, stir in some refreshments, and this one runs itself. Employee game nights do not interfere with the work day and usually cost under $40.00. PLEASE NOTE: Monopoly for whatever reason gets very ugly, very fast!

3. Extend a Helping Hand!

Many companies nationwide provide their employees with an additional paid day off to help out in the community. Employees can utilize this day off to read to schools, volunteer at local food kitchens, or help clean up the community. Not only will employees feel like they are contributing to their local community, but it will give your company a more contemporary, cultured feel.

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Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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