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Case Study



Our Client was looking for an efficient and consistent solution to streamline their front end recruiting, advertising and design assistance, and expertise in the realm of HR to keep them from any possible liability and so they could focus on business growth and operations. With a desire to progress staffing forward and make each candidate feel valued, our Client needed a team of experts to come alongside them that could deliver on their promise of a personal touch.


To help our Client achieve their goals, Eden Resources recommended and managed a comprehensive suite of solutions, including:


• A monthly budget for job ads to maintain a competitive edge and attract the best talent. 

• Consistent outreach in their community to build long-lasting relationships with individuals likely to share in the company's mission and values.

• Consistent social recruiting and marketing to reach more qualified candidates and increase brand awareness.

• Custom-designed recruiting materials displayed in their restaurant and distributed in their community to increase visibility and attract more candidates.

• An onboarding system to track candidate status and streamline communication among hiring decision-makers.

• Access to our team of experts to establish HR best practices in the workplace and provide guidance on legal liability.



By partnering with Eden Resources, in one year our Client has achieved the following results: 


• Over 4000+ candidates reviewed and contacted

• Over 500 candidates screened and scheduled for interviews

• 8000+ hours in 1 year of time saved

• A 40% increase in social media following/interactions

• Increased talent brand awareness via community outreach and maintained relationships

• A consistent application flow and a personalized candidate experience

• A well-established pipeline of ideal candidates, hiring only top talent as needed

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