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Winning: Develop a Positive Mentality

Every man, woman, and child wakes up every morning and begins to digest the swirling thoughts and emotions of their conscientiousness. It is at this very moment we allow ourselves to facilitate the successes or failures that will transpire throughout our daily lives. If I choose to digest positive thoughts, self affirmations, and maintain a healthy outlook, it is safe to say that I would be “nailing” the initial steps to facilitating daily excellence. If I choose to digest unfounded criticisms, negative emotions, and an unhealthy outlook, I am destined for failure. Your attitude is one of those few magical attributes that transcend every single activity you could possibly imagine (financial success, relationship building, health, etc).

Listen to that internal personal trainer!

What is the first thing every personal trainer teaches their client? It is not what foods or diets they should incorporate into their life. It is not what type of exercises they should start with. It is not even where they should begin to learn about health. The first thing every good personal trainer does is to convince their client that they can succeed. You will never hear a world champion say, “I didn’t know I could do it.” Finding personal and career success begins with a simple digestion of the thought, I Know I Can. Muhammed Ali often said that he would say he was the greatest way before he believed he would be. Tell yourself you will be successful, repeat it every morning, do not stop saying it until you become it.

Learn the relationship between Winning and a Winning Attitude!

A winning attitude does not guarantee a win, but it is without a doubt a prerequisite. A winning attitude is not the same as a win at all costs attitude; the latter is actually an indication of a shortcoming or inability to handle failure. A winning attitude does give you the best chances to succeed, but more importantly, it gives you the ability to face the outcome of the endeavor in the best possible condition. A person with a winning attitude takes failure in stride and learns from it, a person with a win at all costs attitude often crumbles under failure.

How does a winning attitude connect to my career?

The answer is, a winning attitude connects to your career in every way and in every situation. There is a reason why the word, “attitude” comes up quite a bit when employers and job seekers are asked to describe the perfect employee. Your attitude is an emotional handshake; it permeates into the environment, people feel it, and immediately begin to make assertions about you and your work. Additionally, having a positive attitude typically makes you an inherent goal-oriented individual, because a goal gives content as to what you are trying to be successful at. Goal-oriented professionals often perform lightyears ahead of their non-goal oriented peers.

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Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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