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Why Candidate Experience and Quality-of-Hire Matters More Than Ever

We can all agree that the past few years have been difficult. Especially for hiring managers and recruiters who have been given the task of finding great talent to fill urgent positions. Reports show that stress has spiked among recruiters who must ensure an expedited hiring process and navigate new virtual procedures, while under the assumption from business leaders that when unemployment goes up, it should be easy to find talent.

Candidate expectations have shifted and workers expect more from organizations. Prospective employees who have a new awareness of their value are now inquiring about mental health benefits, flexibility for working parents, COVID-19 safety protocols, and hazard pay. While candidates are merely protecting themselves, added benefits make it difficult for companies to support a larger number of hires.

With employers reducing hiring, quality-of-hire becomes more important. Together, recruiters and business owners need to ask specific questions to determine a candidate’s potential turnover rate, job performance, employee engagement and cultural fit. Gathering this information requires direct contact with the applicant, making personal connection all the more important. This process is what ensures that those new hires stay with your company long-term.

Quality-of-hire ultimately comes back to candidate experience and how you treat your applicants.

Here are some tips to improve your process.

  • Make sure your job description is clear and concise. Applicants will know what is expected of them and can decide for themselves if they would be a good fit.

  • Maintain professional communication. Your applicants want to hear from you about the status of their application. Be honest with them, give them the next steps, and tell them if you’ve selected another candidate.

  • Provide feedback. Ask your candidates how they think you can improve your hiring process. Then give feedback to your candidates about their performance in the interview and how they can improve in the future.

If this seems overwhelming, we’re here to help. Eden Resources is an expert in ensuring positive candidate experience and would love to help you refine your hiring process. We know that these small steps can ensure quality-of-hire, setting your company and new hire on the road to success.

Chloe Goehring

Eden Resources, LLC


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