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Types of Leadership Styles

We all have our own style; how we like to dress, the type of movies we enjoy, the type of music we listen to, even our communication style or how we prefer to communicate is unique to our own personal style based on our skill sets. We refer to different ways people communicate when they lead a group, as their leadership style.

Three common effective leadership styles are:

● Strategic

● Coach-style

● Democratic

Strategic leaders are proactive and forward-thinking and focus on the company's main operations and lead their team to a common goal. The success or failure of an organization relies heavily on this leader. Some characteristics of a strategic leader include:

● Self-starters

● Confident

● Passionate about the mission of the business

Coach-style leadership on the other hand, puts more emphasis on the growth of each employee by identifying and developing each employee's strengths. This leader will embrace each individual's skill sets to reach a common goal. Coach-style leader are able to:

● Train others effectively

● Improve individual performance skills

● Identify new skills or interests

Democratic leadership is exactly what it sounds like, this leader makes decisions based on input of other members of the team. Everyone is given the opportunity to participate, ideas are exchanged freely and discussion is encouraged while the leader offers guidance and holds control on final decisions. Common traits of a democratic leader are:

● Creative

● Opinionated

● Open to feedback and change

Finding a leadership style that best suits you can be trial and error but understanding the different types of leadership styles can help you become a better leader. Once you understand what type of leader you are, you will have a better grasp of your strengths, weaknesses, and if your current leadership style is effective based on the needs of the company. Different leadership styles produce different results, and it's important to reflect on your leadership style throughout your career.

Sunandini Janjanum

Regional Manager, Eden Resources, LLC


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