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Identity Crisis

Brand identity is not just a well-designed logo; it’s just one piece of the puzzle. The name, font, color, tagline, logo, and style are all components of a well-designed brand that will either make or break your business. Your brand identity will visually communicate a message: trust and reliability or weakness, inconsistency, and sometimes confusion. You alone are responsible for how your target audience interprets your brand. You want your customers and potential candidates to identify your company at any given time.

How do I build my brand?

Spend the time and money investing in creating a solid brand identity. If you are a new business, do not rush this process. Ensure that your identity is versatile and unique, and that it will not be mistaken for another business. If you are an established business looking to rebrand, analyze the “why” behind this decision to rebrand; what worked and what didn’t with your initial branding image? Once you are ready to debut your new look, make it a big deal! Let your loyal customers know that they will need to become acquainted with a new design. Make sure your entire team is on board in bringing your new brand identity to fruition.

Why is this so important?

The success of your company depends on its identity. If every time you release a campaign for a product, resource, or service and your brand identity is inconsistent, your target audience associates your instability in branding with unreliability. Don’t believe me? Think of a company that you trust as a legitimate, successful business and think of their brand identity: Coke, Nike, McDonalds, etc. Every campaign across every medium--print, digital, media commercial, website--is consistent. Anyone who sees their color scheme, logo, and tagline, associates them with trust and stability, ultimately creating brand loyalty.

Let’s talk about Talent Branding

After your initial brand identity has been established, focus on the most important part of your business--current and future employees. Talent Branding does not form organically; it is intentional, strategic and provides long-term results. Your ultimate goal? To be seen from the outside, by the talent. Once you have successfully built a Talent Brand you can expect to see the positive impacts, such as: competitive advantage, increased employee motivation, higher quality applicants, higher offer-acceptance rates, retention improvement, media exposure, and most importantly a stronger corporate culture.

Having an identity crisis? Building a strong brand is essential to effective recruiting and marketing. At Eden Resources, we can help; whether you need a complete rebrand (challenge accepted!), advertising campaign, or a simple design, our marketing and creative team is prepared to help you succeed!

Victoria Garlough, Creative Director

Eden Resources, LLC


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