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Does Your Staff Mirror Your Brand?

Have you ever looked at your product or service and see your staff? That may seem silly to most, but we are talking about your company's product and in turn serious money. This is a critical concept, as there cannot be dissonance between your product or service and the players involved in creating it!

  • Is your staff passionate about what your company does?

  • Does your staff believe in your product or service?

  • Would your staff use your product?

Our People-First Process can be simply distilled down to a cost effective approach to recruiting/talent acquisition without loosing the heartfelt personnel touch in engaging with applicants. So lets talk about a few of our staff members:

  • An eccentric girl that can speak hours on end about her favorite TV shows and likes to make frequent program recommendations to her coworkers.

  • The nerdy employee that loves exotic animals and recommends educational materials to his coworkers ad nauseam.

  • A young gentleman from Missouri that dresses up to come to work, not because he has to, but it makes him feel good about himself and therefore work better

  • A fun young lady that coaches volleyball in her free time and enjoys the outdoors

  • A hard-working lady that is perfectly comfortable in her role and loves feeling productive

Our staff is wild and wonderful! Moreover, our staff is our product and do their jobs better than anyone else could. Connecting back to the People-First Process, our staff will never lose the personal touch because it is engrained in who they are and the technology allows them to complete their work in a cost efficient manner. Regardless of what your company's product or service is, it is critical that you retain talented individuals that can bridge a connection to the work they are doing.

Michael Chiovitti

Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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