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Company Culture

Updated: May 28, 2021

Would you leave your current workplace if the environment was dull, toxic, and overall unprofessional? Yeah, so would any of your employees.

Company culture can either be put on the back burner because it’s importance is viewed otherwise, or the pendulum could swing the other way and a company values culture too much that they begin to focus on the “perks” they can offer and not necessarily the core values.

A job seeker may be interested in these perks, but once they are in the door and working, the integrity of the leadership, the people they work with, and the purpose of their work becomes much more valuable for their retention.

Here are 3 hard and fast ways to improve your company culture:

Office Politics - Occasional griping and complaining in the workplace is a fact of life, however that should be the exception, not the rule. Nip that in the bud, then evaluate why this transpired. An employee who feels valued, heard, and appreciated has very little to gripe, complain or gossip about. As a leader, you should set an example at all times.

Training Investment - When your employees are well-trained in their job, they are more confident when they walk into work to complete the job given to them. Do not miss the importance of training your employees well and investing the time that is necessary. It may seem like an inconvenience now, but it will be well worth it when they are a trusted employee.

Open Door Policy - Leaders who are approachable, accessible, and visible are easily supported by their team. If an employee feels comfortable speaking to you about a problem, an idea, or give constructive feedback, no matter the caliber of the topic, be attentive. A leader who is authentic, transparent, honest and available creates a sense of “we’re all in this together” atmosphere.

Sometimes it seems like small businesses have to compete with larger companies who offer way more “perks”, yet with just a slight change in perception and a focus on improving your company culture, you can become quite competitive. Someone would rather have a fair and trustworthy employer and a workplace that is filled with good camaraderie and team players, than a room filled with nap pods and free snacks in the breakroom. Once you start to invest in your company culture and your team, you will start to see your turnover lower and an increase in quality applicants.

Victoria Garlough, Client Support Representative

Eden Resources, LLC


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