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4 Factors That Affect Employee Retention

You’ve found an outstanding employee who is perfect in their role! How can you ensure that they will stay with your company long-term? While there is no failsafe, here are a few things that affect employee retention and what you can do to keep their attention.


One of the first things new employees notice in a company is the culture; that is, how you do what you do. Each business has its own unique way of doing things. Some businesses encourage fun and creativity through interior design and collaborative workspaces, while others prefer a more structured, traditional office. Your culture should fit your brand and be tailored to engage employees in daily activities. Company culture can also be demonstrated through leadership, collaboration, and communication, through which employees can gauge aspects like work life balance. Be sure that your intended culture is actually present. Ask your employees how they feel in the work environment and what they would like to improve.

Career Growth

High performing employees want to have room to grow. They will likely look elsewhere or view your company as only a temporary employer until a better opportunity comes along. Employees want to be supported through management training or mentorship programs and expect to be promoted from within. Growth potential will encourage your employees to stay with your company, especially if there is a clear path to success and a map of how to get there. Ensure that your roles have a linear connection and recognize employees that are climbing the ladder.

Company Values

Employees want to know that they are valued and making a difference. Most people have a desire to make a positive impact and leave a mark on those around them. Specifically, the mission of the company they work for needs to align with their own goals and values. Employees will compare their own standards to the company culture and mission statement. Ask employees what they would like to see your company involved in and how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Job Roles and Leadership

Employees want a clear understanding of what they are doing, who is in charge, and what the leadership style is like. There should be a structure of how the workload is distributed and communicated and clear goals to be met. Great employees are not opposed to hard work, but they want to work hard for a leader who is inspiring and has the ability to work with and through people. Not to mention a leader who they can learn from. Have open communication with your leaders and employees about the roles and responsibilities held by each person and why their work is meaningful.

At Eden, our professionals know that each company is different and has its own expectations for employees. We want to help you hire the right people that will stay with your company and contribute to your success, and help develop processes to encourage them to stay!

Chloe Goehring

Eden Resources LLC


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