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3 Secrets to Onboarding that You Should Know

Onboarding isn’t terribly difficult to manage, but can be incredibly time-consuming and requires extreme organization. After taking over the onboarding process for several of our clients, we have a few secrets that we’ve discovered that make this tedious process a little less of a headache and a little more rewarding for small-to-midsize companies.

  1. Make it quick! Don’t take your sweet time getting back to new hires once they have verbally accepted the position. The talent pool is still very tight, which requires companies to jump quickly, and eliminate unnecessary steps and time to get their new hires started.

  1. Keep the process all with one person. Whether you keep it in house, or outsource the process, it’s much easier for candidates to report and ask questions to one POC until they arrive for their first day of work or orientation. Onboarding for any of our clients stays with one person for the entirety of the process to make sure the process stays organized for both the client and the new hires.

  1. Use a reputable ATS to keep your process organized. After years of experience working with different applicant tracking systems, specifically within the hospitality and restaurant industry, we know the pros and cons of most of them. Some look great, with all the bells and whistles, until you realize you’re paying for bells and whistles you’ll never use. Some create too many hoops to jump through for applicants and new hires. Others are just “clunky” to navigate through. Need help picking out an applicant tracking system that’s just right? Reach out to our team and we’ll provide you with recommendations of our favorites!

If your onboarding process needs a makeover, or you’d like to just rid your team from the burden of back and forth phone calls and paperwork, Eden Resources can jump in and take it over. It’s one less thing you have to worry about!

Niki Kukla

Managing Partner


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