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Seasonal Tools to Proactively Recruit for Fall

Happy Independence Day Week! As we make our way into the second half of summer, are you finding yourself anxious about staffing for the fall? Proactively staffing for quarters 3 & 4 are at the top of my mind as we collect our employees’ fall schedules--availabilities are changing, and we’re realizing there may be some gaps to fill in the coming months.

Thankfully, we’ve been preparing for this moment, and we specialize in helping other companies prepare for this hurdle, as well.

Job Fairs. This week alone I received several invitations for our company to be a part of upcoming job and career fairs. I’ve replied “Yes” to every one. Each fair--both in person and virtual--are an opportunity to connect with job seekers, and possible future candidates. And just because someone may choose a different opportunity today doesn’t mean they won’t be interested later on.

I started connecting with organizations--colleges, non-profit organizations, and more--years ago, and touch base every so often, asking how we can be involved to stay connected.

If you’re a client of ours, we are already engaging your community to benefit your recruiting. Say “Yes” to opportunities provided by your community contacts! If you’re not a client of ours, let us help connect you to the organizations in your community to help get you involved.

Host a Hiring Event. This month we’re focusing on initiating the plans for Hiring Events for our clients. This tool is one to use sparingly so that you don’t overdo it--too many Hiring Events just become “Open Interviews”-- and we’re approaching one of the best times of the year to host a Hiring Event. The planning starts now!

The best part is, our team does all of the legwork--the invites, the advertising, and more--up until the event day, where we’ll share with you the tools and the staff you’ll need on site to make this event a success.

Launch a Recruiting Campaign. If you really want to “go big,” consider launching a Recruiting Campaign using traditional recruiting methods paired with different marketing mediums. But don’t wait until the last minute when some mediums may become less available the longer you wait.

Our team of Marketing experts will provide you with a recommended campaign strategy and will oversee implementation from start to finish and provide you with custom-designed materials created in-house.

My message to you is, don’t stress! But don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive and use the seasonal tools to help get your staff where you’d like it to be for the fall.

Niki Kukla

Director of Training / Co-Owner


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