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3 Ways to Help Those With Disabilities Feel Included: Be an All-Inclusive Organization

Many employers can feel extremely intimidated when faced with the possibility of having an individual with a recognized disability become a member of their staff. In reality, the easiest aspect to take on is the job tasks themselves. If an individual with a recognized disability (with or without reasonable accommodations) can perform the the job tasks of the position, then there is no reason why the job should be unavailable to them. Where the difficulty often lies, is successfully imparting the disabled individual with a feeling of inclusion or, “being a part of the team.” Here are three aspects to consider when trying to promote inclusion within your organization.

Keep the pertinent information front and center

Your organization’s hiring process and information regarding equal employment opportunity must be not only accessible, but easily accessible to any individual that is interested in employment within your company. This should also include any and every tool that you have available to accommodate disabled individuals (this can include speech-to-text software, specialized keyboards, translators, screen magnifiers, etc). Placement of this information is absolutely critical; we recommend placing this information at the tail end of job postings. Any individual that has seriously considered employment will undoubtedly read your job posting and be informed at the point of application.

Offer specialized work options to all of your employees

Creating work options such as telecommuting or tailored scheduling is not only useful in seamlessly interweaving disabled individuals with your staff, but can also provide non-disabled individuals a number of opportunities. By providing limited telecommuting options for a disabled individual, you may be creating an opportunity for a non-disabled employee to utilize this benefit for any number of reasons (taking care of a sick family member, handling a temporary injury, etc). Ultimately, this translates to an elevated level of competitiveness within the hiring sphere and a better attraction to top talent.

Promote Awareness

This is an absolute slam dunk in the realm of public perception and intelligent business dealings. Within a calendar year, there are so many awareness events and benefits that are open for public participation. What is stopping your organization from participating or providing support for one? Give the public and potential job seekers the opportunity to see that your company has a heart, and cares about the individuals of which the community is comprised of.

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Michael Chiovitti, Chief Talent Strategist

Eden Resources, LLC


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