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3 Things Employers can do to Find Employees During this Challenging Hiring Climate

No doubt, employers across the country are finding themselves in difficult staffing positions due to the hiring climate the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us into. Candidates have had the opportunity to rethink their work situations, and at this point, the ball is in their court. They can be choosy with their jobs and employers.

Speaking from experience, cyclically, the amount of candidates looking for jobs right now slows down this time of year anyway. These spring months fall right between a spike at the beginning of the year, where people find themselves job searching due to the need for change in the new year, and a spike around May as individuals start applying for summer jobs. (So just a heads up, you’ll see less applicants in June and July, and it’ll pick back up in August/September!)

Of course, events, such as pandemic, can throw the cycle off, and we certainly don’t want to cross our fingers and hope for the best in May. Although it may require more of an investment during a dry spell, you’ll be thanking yourself later for prioritizing recruitment to meet your hiring needs.

Here are a few ways to spend your time and resources wisely, to keep up with your hiring needs:

Community Contacts + Hiring Event

We’re always a big fan of consistently reaching out to members of your community to help spread the word about your positions. The goal with community members is to build an ongoing relationship so you can continue to provide updates with each other, such as job fairs and new available positions. Right now is a great time to consider hosting a hiring event at your place of business, and the best place to start advertising is by word of mouth with the community members! Here at Eden, when clients want to host a hiring event, they pick the date, and we do all of the planning and advertising.


Even when the candidate pool has shrunk and interviews have slowed down, sponsoring your jobs will still give your jobs more visibility. If you’ve been sponsoring for awhile and it feels like sponsoring your jobs isn’t “working,” it may just be the case that there are less job seekers available in your area, but rest assured, active job seekers are still seeing your job early in their search, which proves to yield higher-caliber candidates than not sponsoring at all.

Talent Branding, and one more time for the people in the back, TALENT BRANDING!

We are obsessed with Talent Branding because it produces results. The ability to target active and passive candidates is invaluable. They aren’t finding you--you are finding them, and have the opportunity to show off what makes your company different. Our team has spent countless months and hours preparing to help clients with their talent branding through our new branch Amenity Marketing.

Don’t let this difficult season discourage you or set you back from meeting your company goals. Our team can help steer you in the right direction, or take the lead in your recruitment.

Niki Kukla, Managing Partner

Eden Resources, LLC


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