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Grand Opening Case Study



Our Client was opening a brand new restaurant location in rural Michigan. They were the first free-standing unit, in this area, for this corporation. Their top priority was to recruit high-quality employees who share the same vision of serving their local community through good food and service.

They needed 90+ employees in 8 weeks. Leadership, Team Members, and Executives. The building was not yet finished, so interviews were being held in a small trailer on the property. No social media presence had been established or community relationships engaged.  


Our Client came to us on a recommendation from another restaurant owner. They chose us because we not only advertise success, but our clients know we 
guarantee success when we are allowed to implement our proven solutions. We recommended the following for Our Client: 

  • A consistent presence on social media (Facebook and Instagram)

  • Cohesive and effective job descriptions for all open positions

  • Advertising on Google AdWords to cast a wider net

  • Grand opening event 2 weeks before opening day

  • 24-hour response time to a submitted application

  • Consistent communication between candidates

  • Smooth & Effective Onboarding services

  • Community relationships established and maintained 



Our Client staffed their restaurant in 8 weeks. New hires were trained and ready to complete their trained positions by the Grand Opening. 

  • Employees Hired by 10/5/2021 (100+)

  • Grand Opening (10/7/2021)

  • Social Media Following (700 Followers)

  • Community Engagements Established (102)

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