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Fall Festivals

Do what you do best. Let Eden Resources do the rest.

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Streamlined Hiring

As the fall season approaches, we know this is no small feat. Hiring dozens of seasonal employees in a few short weeks while maintaining HR compliance is overwhelming. That's why our non-contracted outsourced HR, Recruiting, and Marketing services are perfect for farms and agritourism businesses. With the power of our team of HR and Marketing professionals, we streamline your HR process so it's affordable, efficient and consistent, even for this short season.

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What We Do:

  • Manage your entire pre-employment process

    • Sourcing​

    • Screening

    • Scheduling

    • Interviewing

    • Onboarding

    • Compliance

    • Management

  • Protect your business from unlawful HR practices

  • Advertising and marketing support

  • Quick answers to your HR and marketing questions

  • Ensure a smooth season with a skilled workforce

  • And More!

All that's left for you is...

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What's the Cost?

  • Make the final hiring decision

  • Train your new staff!

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In accordance with the majority of our services, we charge according to a billable hours model-so you pay only for what you need! No unnecessary fees or monthly minimums.​

The leg work was done by Eden, essentially all I had to do was give the stamp of approval when applicants came to the restaurant in-person. Eden did phone screenings, shared notes, attached resumes, and even notified me if someone had to cancel or ran late. I don't know how they manage it all, but they do it well.

-Christie Banks, Chick-fil-A Ponce & Boulevard

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