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Arcadia Professional Talent: Terms of Service Agreement

Terms of Service

I agree that I (the Client) will provide the following compensation to Arcadia Professional Talent: 4% total of the hired candidate’s Gross Annual compensation. 2% will be paid within 10 days of the start date of the hired candidate. 2% will be paid after 60 days of the hired candidate’s employment. If the hired candidate resigns or is dismissed within the first 60 days of employment, Arcadia Professional Talent will not charge the second 2% fee. 

All correspondence with the candidates including interview, scheduling and intimation of the selection outcome will be the responsibility of Arcadia Professional Talent. Upon the selection decision, Arcadia Professional Talent will write the offer letter for the client. After the candidate accepts the Client’s offer, Arcadia Professional Talent will be informed of the Gross Annual compensation offered to the candidate.

Additionally, the Client shall reimburse Arcadia Professional Talent for any costs associated with conducting criminal and background checks during the pre-screening process. Criminal and background checks will not be processed without the Client's request.

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